Labor and Immigration

Our Labor Law Department provides boutique services and focuses on:

● the provision of highly customized services (e.g. heavily customized services / employment contracts)
● the provision of advice on issues that are new and untested (e.g. new forms of employment)
● the structuring of innovative solutions in connection with complex matters (e.g. transfer of employees in connection with a certain corporate transaction). We serve primarily multinational foreign clients. Some key areas of our activity are the following:
- Drafting, negotiation, amendment and termination of executive contracts. Our experience covers both the employer’s side as well as the employee’s side. Our services include also the performance of related activities, such as appointment to the Board of the Company, settlement efforts, pre-litigation strategy etc.
- Collective redundancies, application of new corporate policies, assistance to collective bargaining.
- Due diligence reviews on employment issues. This occurs in connection with all M&As and other relevant transactions.
- Data protection issues. Indicatively, we provide advice on the manner and limits of using automated systems is work to monitor work performance.
- Regulatory compliance assistance. This includes provision of advice to the HR in connection with labour law issues, so as to ensure maximum compliance with the applicable rules.
- Advice on M&A structuring. This includes issues arising out of the transfer of undertakings and the application of TUPE provisions.
- Employment-related mediation and litigation.
For more info please contact:
Evangelos Courakis