Competition Brief: A Retrospective

Get insights into the latest developments in EU and Greek competition law with our comprehensive newsletter from the Competition Team: Katia Protopapa, Alexandra Mikroulea, Maria Ioannidou, Konstantina Tzerefou, and Christina Kechagia-Tsiakiri.

This edition covers:

✔️ Main trends in antitrust enforcement by the European Commission and the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC)
✔️ Key regulatory updates, including the new Horizontal Cooperation Rules, Amending Communication of the Article 102 TFEU Guidance, Foreign Subsidies Regulation and the DMA
✔️ Notable judgments from the EU Courts on cartels, abuse of dominance, mergers, and private enforcement
✔️ HCC’s active year with settlement decisions, high fines, and extensive use of complementary enforcement tools
✔️ Highlights from merger control cases and HCC’s future priorities

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