For all its promise and disruptive potential, the technology, media and telecommunications sector faces ever-increasing EU- and nation-wide legal and regulatory hurdles spanning all levels of business activity from market entry, to compliance, transactional work and dispute resolution. These challenges require proper handling by diverse teams of lawyers, having a deep understanding both of the multiple legal frameworks that come into play and the TMT sector itself; and, especially, the technical and financial aspects thereof.

We strongly believe that a good TMT lawyer is one that not only assists its clients in navigating this complex system – and alleviating the legal consequences it entails – but also provides proactive solutions that could potentially mitigate (or even extinguish altogether) the legal risk concomitant to this sector.

Acknowledging this reality, our comprehensive TMT practice provides multidisciplinary, full-scale advise on all matters, including day-to-day issues, security and privacy, permitting and licensing, TMT-specific and general commercial agreements, regulatory compliance and risk management and public or private dispute resolution.


Permitting, licensing and compliance

Advising clients on all matters related to acquiring and maintaining the necessary administrative permits and licenses from all competent authorities (e.g. EETT, HDPA, ADAE, ESR) as regards market entry, business operations, EMF and antennae installation, access rights, etc. Also advising on compliance in respect of diverse technology-related issues and with media and electronic communication regulations.

Security, privacy and general regulatory compliance
Advising clients on all EU and Greek law matters related to (cyber)security and privacy. Assisting clients in the review, preparation and implementation of comprehensive regulatory compliance plans (including on AML / CFT compliance).

Civil, corporate, commercial and employment law matters
Advising clients on major day-to-day civil, corporate and commercial matters related to their TMT activities.

Competition Law
Advising clients on TMT-related Competition Law matters (e.g. third-party access rights, concerted practices allegations, etc.). Assisting in dawn raids organized by EETT or the HCC (available on call at any time should the need occur).

Transactional work
Reviewing, preparing and negotiating all types of transaction in the technology, media and electronic communication sector (e.g.  software licensing, consultancy services and outsourcing, colocation, technology contracts, MVNO, FVNO, network sharing contracts, telecoms facilities and infrastructure contracts, telecoms & IT outsourcing and consulting contracts, contracts for the sale and purchase of telecoms and IT equipment etc), M&A deals, JV agreements, IP agreements, capital raising, etc.

Advocacy work
Promoting our clients’ interests by engaging in meaningful debates, advocacy and EU- and Greek-wide legislative initiatives (e.g. by submitting draft proposals to Parliament and regulators) for shaping or revising the electronic communications enforcement framework.

Disputing administrative acts and sanctions
Challenging any imposed administrative fines or other penalties or other acts before the competent administrative authorities and the Greek civil or administrative courts.

Dispute avoidance and resolution
Representing clients in civil litigation, international arbitration or mediation in all disputes relating to the TMT activities including data/secrecy and consumer rights protection etc.