Agency & Distributorship

Agent and distributor networks play an essential role in today’s global economy. A large number of our clients, both foreign and local, pursue their business activities in Greece through Agency and Distribution arrangements. Well aware of the challenges this specific practice area presents, our Agency & Distributorship team of highly experienced and client oriented lawyers is always ready to offer its services and assist our clients.


We provide a series of value-adding services, all the while preserving our quality levels at the very top, as our local and international clients truly deserve. Our services include:

  • advising on agent or distributors network legal set-up,
  • negotiating for optimal solutions,
  • drafting and executing sound agency and distribution agreements,
  • monitoring compliance with the contractual terms and the applicable legislation
  • advising on acquisition of former agents or distributors,
  • advising on rights and obligations arising in termination scenarios,
  • defending the interests of our clients by litigation and arbitration.
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Koutalidis Law Firm has amassed unparalleled experience in this practice area. Indicatively, our recent experience includes:

  • Representing before the Greek courts a Greek pharmaceutical company (Genesis Pharma S.A.) in a multimillion dispute against a Swedish based multinational pharmaceutical company arising from a distribution agreement.
  • Representing a major pharmaceutical company, as claimant, in the successful 55 million euro settlement of claims arising out of distribution of pharmaceutical contracts against a multinational pharmaceutical company.
  • Advising medical device company Elpen Pharmaceutical Co. Inc. in the negotiation of a termsheet and a License and Distribution Agreement with a pharmaceutical company based in Hong Kong.
  • Advising Dutch pharmaceutical company Norgine B.V. in relation to its distribution agreements with Greek companies.
  • Advised U.S. medical device company NuVasive, Inc. on distribution agreements with Greek companies.
  • Advising numerous clients in relation to issues arising from the termination of distributor and direct sales relationships.