Private Wealth

Koutalidis Law Firm has a very long history of advising high net worth families and prominent individuals working with our clients across the wide range of private wealth management issues. Our multidisciplinary team has deep knowledge and experience in assisting with all legal and tax issues and can guide our clients through the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving private and public law environment. We are uniquely positioned to assist our clients with accumulation, management, compliance, transactional, regulatory and tax issues, including complex multi-jurisdictional matters, as our firm maintains very close connections with a wide network of top level international law firms. We are also a recognized leader in protection of wealth matters, including tax and estate disputes as well as various realted areas of dispute resolution and litigation.

Our team’s experience covers the following:

Entrepreneurs & executives

Our team has a long and wide degree of experience in supporting entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals on all aspects of their professional and private lives, including compensation and retirement plans, tax advice, as well as labour and employment law issues.

Family matters

We are a team dedicated to supporting our clients in key family moments, addressing their concerns and providing solid advice in all aspects of family life, including family dispute resolution and litigation.

Family offices

Our experienced team can assist with essentially any kind of legal issues faced by modern wealthy families, such as commercial and private property sales and purchases, trust and wealth management, estate and company management, charitable giving, gift, estate and succession planning, while ensuring at the same time that the next generation is both ready for and aware of the estate and wealth that they will inherit and step into.


We successfully guide our clients through negotiations for dispute resolution at any level in various fields, including tax and commercial arbitration; if things don’t work out, our experienced and highly skilled teams have an impressive track record in litigation before administrative authorities and courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court.

Philanthropy and charitable giving

We can offer high quality advice on the many ways our clients’ contribution can make a difference, from making grants and donations and investing in social enterprises, to establishing a charitable trust or foundation, or volunteering time and effort to aid a chosen cause. Our team assists in all stages of philanthropic activities, ensuring compliance and added value.

Real estate

Our firm has been providing clients with comprehensive professional assistance on real estate issues for many years, advising high net worth individuals on investment projects in Greece. We provide support in the structuring of real estate investments and deal with all aspects of sales and purchases, including due diligence and tax related issues.

Retirement planning

Maximizing added value after retirement can require a strategy that takes time to implement and execute. Our multi-disciplinary team ensures careful planning, with a focus on taxation, overcoming hurdles such as double taxation for those with multi-jurisdictional assets, and providing options for income withdrawal from differing investment vehicles.


Our team has a long and wide degree of experience in supporting prominent individuals on all residence issues, focusing on tax issues related to change of residence as well as providing support with immigration law matters. Most recently, we have been actively supporting several foreign individuals seeking to enter the alternative taxation regimes for resident individuals, professionals and pensioners.


Our firm is proud of a long-standing experience working with all prominent families of the Greek shipping industry, providing targeted advice to shipowners and family members. Our expertise also covers all kinds of shipping structures, such as holding and management companies, with a special focus on tax issues.

Trusts and other estate structures

We have developed a high expertise in all Greek law related aspects in respect of the creation, variation and termination of trusts, foundations and other estate structures, assisting with the formation and compliance, with an emphasis on succession planning and on the mitigation of tax concerns.

Wealth & succession planning

Our team can successfully advise on the formulation of a financial strategy to ensure that your assets go to the right people at the right time, while significantly mitigating inheritance tax, fees, and other related costs. We address a range of issues and use a variety of structures, such as trust and foundations, as well as international holding structures, drafting of wills and assisting in the creation of a family wealth distribution strategy, tailor-made to our clients’ objectives.