Arbitration, Litigation & Mediation

Dispute resolution has always been a major concern for stakeholders in every commercial transaction. The ever-increasing transnational nature of the disputes, has made the field all the more complex and challenging. Our capacity to understand our clients’ business models and economic drivers is one of the things that sets Koutalidis Law Firm apart and ahead of the competition, allowing us to offer pragmatic, tailor-made solutions to our clients. Either by fiercely adjudicating cases before the Greek courts, arguing before international panels and arbitral tribunals, or achieving high-value settlements through negotiation or mediation, our lawyers always strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our diverse client base.

Aiming at providing services of no less than excellent quality, we work in concise and flexible teams, always with the involvement of a partner, with the participation of all team members in the planning of strategy and in the review of the documents drafted, exchanging a variety of views to reach an in-depth understanding of each case. Our teams, possessing a strong academic background, leave no document to exit Koutalidis Law Firm either addressed to clients or to courts/tribunals, without having exhausted the available case law and theory sources. Our persistence to detail both in relation to the content, as well as to the stylistic and linguistic perspectives is our way to show our respect to the client.

Our day-to-day contact with our international clients and their local business, as applicable, has helped the Arbitration, Litigation & Mediation team to fully understand our clients’ needs from a commercial point of view and adjust the approach respectively, when negotiating and/or resolving a dispute. Having in mind the objectives of the client, the need to combine the business approach with the legal clarity, as well as the weaknesses of the Greek Civil Procedural Law, our goal has always been to provide the client with the best possible strategy to safeguard its interests timely and effectively. Our diligence is not only reflected in our success rates, but also -and maybe most importantly- in our longstanding relationships with our clients.

Since most of the relevant cases we handle present very challenging and complicated technical and financial aspects, our team has developed significant expertise and acquired extensive experience in understanding such technical and financial issues and in presenting them in a concise, persuasive and effective way before the courts and the arbitral tribunals.

We are also well accustomed in collaborating efficiently with international law firms.

Our firm is currently handling a substantial number of high value and very complicated and challenging court cases before all instances and a very significant number of arbitrations (most of them international). The average value of amount in dispute in each of those court cases and arbitrations is well over 10 million Euros.


Our Arbitration, Litigation & Mediation services provide our Greek and international clients with unique experience, excellence and expertise to cover their needs.

Collaborating with international law firms

We collaborate with international law firms on complex multimillion arbitrations (under ICC, LCIA, UNCITRAL, LMAA Rules,  as well as ad hoc) and litigations that involve Greek Law.

Handling complicated arbitrations and court disputes

Our team handles complicated arbitrations and court disputes on Commercial Law, Civil Law, procurement, construction, concession contracts, energy, real estate, corporate and intellectual property matters. Over the years, our litigation department has been also hands-on with representing clients in numerous cases relevant to Commercial Law, Labour Law, IP Law and Banking Law.

  1. Handling extensive internal investigations for potential misconduct and performing the relevant pre-litigation and litigation actions.
  2. Providing pre-litigation strategy assistance (e.g. correspondence, extrajudicial notices etc.).
  3. Providing assistance to clients, in order to negotiate and reach amicable settlement of disputes.
  4. Enforcing foreign awards and decisions in Greece.
View Practice Highlights
  • Arbitration under ICC Rules between our client, an airports Concessionaire, and the Greek State due to lack of proper maintenance of the airports by the Greek State between the submission of the offers and the delivery of the airports to the Concessionaire with total claims exceeding €65mio.
  • Arbitration under ICC Rules between our client, an airports Concessionaire, and the Greek State involving a multimillion claim and counterclaim in relation to the pavement of a regional airport.
  • Arbitration under ICC Rules between our client, a motorway Concessionaire, and the Greek State involving total claims exceeding €18mio and counterclaim in relation to tunnel construction issues.
  • Representing, along with international counsel, a client in arbitration under LMAA Rules between two major Greek shipping companies in connection with a sale and purchase of shares with total claims exceeding €120mio.
  • Representing, along with international counsel, a Greek State controlled client in arbitration under LCIA Rules regarding the performance of a share purchase agreement with a matter value of €66mio.
  • Arbitration under ICC Rules between an energy producer and steel producer in relation to a shareholders agreement pertaining to the construction of two power generation plants with a matter value exceeding €270mio.
  • Representing a major real estate company in litigation concerning land ownership valued over €25mio.
  • Representing a major pharmaceutical company in litigation regarding the tax treatment of the losses suffered as a result of the Greek PSI Pharmabond Haircut with a matter value of more than €15mio.
  • Representing a motorway Concessionaire in litigation before ordinary courts of all instances with claimants affected by a major accident with claims exceeding €20mio.
  • Regular representation of a major Greek IT company before the administration and the courts in relation to international tenders each valued above €10mio.
  • Advice and litigation on the implementation of provisional measures on behalf of a Cypriot bank against major Greek entrepreneurs (the worldwide injunction was for €3.79bn).
  • Arbitration under ICC Rules between a major construction company and an oil refinery with total claims exceeding €150mio.
  • Over €50mio litigation and arbitration under ICC Rules between Greek energy producer and major equipment supplier.
  • Representing a motorway Concessionaire in arbitration under ICC Rules against the Greek State on a dispute concerning a major rock fall for claims exceeding €45mi.
  • Technical arbitration between Constructor and the Greek State with potential value over €100mio.
  • Representing a major real estate firm in litigation before ordinary courts of all instances concerning a land ownership dispute with an amount of €200mio involved.
  • Representing a major pharmaceutical company, as claimant, in the successful €55mio settlement of claims arising out of distribution of pharmaceutical contracts against a multinational pharmaceutical company.