In the information age, technology, media and telecommunications companies bring about change at an unfathomable pace. The innovative powers and disruptive potential of the TMT industry sector is, arguably, unparalleled; the continued rise of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data shall, undoubtedly, effect a major, cross-industry “revolution” in how business is done. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has uniquely highlighted the importance of TMT companies in making everyday activities accessible in circumstances where social distancing has become a necessity.

Against this ever-changing background of unbridled technological change, clients engage our expert lawyers, in order to address the numerous business, legal and regulatory challenges that are the necessary corollaries of such change. As is true for all our practices, TMT clients view Koutalidis Law Firm as a “one-stop shop” powerhouse, providing multidisciplinary, full-scale advice on all matters they may face in the course of their business activities.

These matters often include major day-to-day issues, (cyber)security, privacy and regulatory compliance, EMF and antennae installation issues, corporate and commercial matters, fining and competition law issues, access rights, preparation of telecommunications contracts (such as colocation, network sharing contracts, FVNO, services agreements, general  terms and conditions of provision of services, equipment  and software supply contracts, technology contracts etc ), users rights protection liaising and lobbying with the competent administrative authorities ( e.g Ministries, National Telecommunication and Post Committee  (EETT ), Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE), IP, spectrum auctions, licensing and market access matters. Our TMT team is also regularly involved in technology-based M&A and capital raising deals.

Koutalidis Law Firm’s TMT lawyers also assist clients in Civil and Administrative Law litigation (including administrative appeals before the competent regulatory and administrative authorities) before courts having been involved in major data protection / interception cases and general commercial cases for major TMT international players. For the purposes of dispute avoidance and risk mitigation, especially with regard to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, our TMT experts are joined by our lawyers from our Investigations & White Collar Crime practice group in order to manage risk and ensure compliance with major national, EU and international AML / CFT statutes.