The insurance industry plays a pivotal role in the success of businesses around the globe today, since it balances the risks assumed by the companies in a fast paced and, at times, unpredictable economic environment. The financial crisis of 2009 brought insurance at the forefront of the companies’ interest to avoid unprecedented risk taking and thus the number of insurance deals concluded exploded. Nowadays, insurance is being steadily promoted to an integral undertaking of the parties in large scale transactions due to the level of comfort it provides. Our extensive experience on the business and global depth has established long-term relationships with leading international law firms and clients in the insurance market.

Our business focuses on both sides of the insurance contracting parties with the provision of advice to insurers and insureds, as well as local and international intermediaries. Our experienced legal team provides advice on regulatory matters and gives our clients expert solutions in the context of complex transactions, aiming to balance the controversial interests of the parties in the most efficient manner. Furthermore, we have particular experience in M&A transactions in the insurance sector and our litigation team handles litigation and arbitrations of the highest complexity, as well as large insurance claims and commercial general liability cases.