Administrative & Environmental Law

In the modern, global business plane, international corporates constantly face a myriad of environmental risks and liabilities and regulatory compliance issues in their day-to-day business activities. In order to fully comply with contemporary Administrative and Environmental Law compliance, businesses need to be aware of the intricate and constantly-changing national, EU and international legislative framework.

True to its “one-stop shop” tradition across all practice areas, Koutalidis Law Firm’s team of expert lawyers regularly advises clients from a wide array of industry sectors on the full spectrum of Administrative & Environmental law issues (e.g. permitting and licensing, urban planning and development, waste management, environmental impact assessments and project categorizations, and auditing and risks advisory) in the context of high-value, complex transactions, mainly in the fields of M&A, energy and infrastructure project development, green project finance and privatizations. Our niche practice makes us capable of offering Administrative and Environmental Law advice, also on the International Law level (state and foreign investor compliance under bi- and multi-lateral international treaties with Environmental Law provisions and related corporate (re)structuring).

On the disputes side, drawing from their solid experience in general administrative litigation before the Greek courts, the  lawyers of our Administrative & Environmental Law practice, in close cooperation with our Arbitration, Litigation & Mediation department, are fully capable of challenging administrative sanctions and other adverse administrative acts before the competent regulatory authorities and the Greek administrative courts, all the way up to the Conseil d’État (“Simvouleio tis Epikrateias”) level. We also have experience in handling Environmental Law-related civil (tort) litigation before the Greek courts.


Our Administrative & Environmental Law services, along with our experience and expertise, impeccably assist our Greek and international clients in the full spectrum of their needs.

Permitting and licensing services

Undertaking permitting and project licensing works before all competent regulatory and administrative authorities in Greece and the EU.

Client representation in administrative appeals

Representing clients in administrative appeals before the competent regulatory and administrative authorities.

Client representation in administrative litigation

Representing clients in disputing administrative sanctions and other adverse administrative acts before the competent courts.

Environmental risk assessments, investigations, auditing and advisory services

Conducting (to the extent required along with external partners, such as environmental specialists) environmental risk assessments and performing internal client audits and incident investigations for our clients (climate risk and BoD duties and liability, environmental corporate policies, litigation exposure, regulatory compliance).

Environmental impact assessments, urban planning and project categorization

Conducting (to the extent required along with external partners, such as environmental specialists) environmental impact assessments for our clients, carrying out urban plan works analysis and assessment and undertaking the categorization of their projects, in collaboration with technical experts and engineers.

Green infrastructure projects

Advising and assisting clients in developing large-scale green infrastructure projects (e.g. municipal gentrification / redevelopment projects).

Transactional due diligence

Assessing our clients’ supply chains and conducting transactional and third-party due diligence for environmental compliance with the applicable laws and our clients’ internal environmental policies.

Green project finance

Advising our clients in environmental and socially-conscious international project finance transactions (e.g. based on the Equator Principles) with national and international lenders.

Lobbying, advocacy and environmental policymaking

Liaising with the competent regulatory and administrative authorities, engaging in active advocacy and leveraging our network to effect wide-scale policy changes, favorable to our clients’ businesses.

Client representation in Environmental Law-related civil litigation and international arbitration

Representing clients before courts and international arbitral tribunals in civil litigation or international arbitration arising out of national or international Environmental Law violations (e.g. groundwater contamination, oil spills, waste disposal).

International Environmental Law compliance

Advising our foreign clients in their international Environmental Law obligations (e.g. environmental obligations towards Greece as the host state of their investments, Human Rights Law exposure towards third parties, etc.) under various bi- and multi-lateral investment treaties between Greece and their home states. Working closely with our Invest in Greece and Tax practices, to provide corporate (re)structuring advise, taking into account global Environmental Law compliance under these instruments.