The defence industry is complex, yet vital to national security. The industry includes a wide range of activities and at the same time the particularities of the military and the security sector are numerous resulting in defence deals posing significant difficulties. The deals are mostly high in value and hard to negotiate. Our clients rely on us to help them conclude large scale defence projects based on our reputation and real industry knowledge.

Our work is mainly based on the negotiation and provision of advice to private and public sector organisations and entities to conclude defence deals with their contracting parties. Since the one contracting party is the government or some public agency, the complexity of regulatory issues arising from such transactions and the provision of adequate security requires high level knowledge of private and public law and strong negotiation skills.

Our experienced legal team, consisting of lawyers with years of experience in working with public entities and negotiating tough deals, can deliver straightforward advice on all aspects of defence law, ranging from defence regulation and procurement to dispute resolution. We also have significant experience in the restructuring of State-owned enterprises in the Defence sector. Finally, we are active in advising on global mobility of employees, including on public interest visas and residence permits.