New Technologies, Innovation & Startups

It is commonly said that technology is evolving at an exponential pace and this is, indeed, truer than ever. At an era of easy international collaboration, of crowd-funded capital and of ever aggressive angel funds, the conditions are ideal for the flourishing of new innovative technologies. Quite often such progress is pioneered not by the traditional players that dominate the Nasdaq or the SP500, but rather by inspired young entrepreneurs working at their parents’ basements.

Our Firm is committed to innovation – in fact itis one of our core values and this is why we strive always to innovate in all aspects: law, working conditions, manner of provision of services and social responsibility. In these circumstances it is only a natural consequence that we shall also do our maximum in order to add value in the development of innovative new technologies.

Our team of lawyers has the special skills required for such tasks: most of them can understand deeply complex technological concepts and are able to provide the necessary legal services that will help to convert the prototype product or the experimental service into a fully matured and thriving business. In addition to that, they are characterized by the perseverance that is seen in people who are truly enthusiastic in what they are doing.

Our New Technologies, Innovation & Startups scope includes the following:

Launching of new technologies in Greece: New technologies – due to their very nature – usually walk in regulatory terra incognita. “Can the mini electrical scooters circulate on the roads? On the streets?” “How should treat them in the absence of specific provisions?”These are indicative examples of how a new – and possibly disruptive – technology can face regulatory hurdles due to the lack of appropriate framework. We are there to provide business oriented legal solutions, while mitigating legal risks to the maximum extent reasonably possible.

  • Regulatory sandboxes: A regulatory sandbox is quite frequently an efficient manner to test innovative services, especially in the financial sector. Our team is more than capable to take care of all the aspects of such a process.
  • Start up assistance: We are committed in assisting start-ups and for this reason, we are willing to provide legal services to promising start-ups at preferential rates. Such services include:
    • Corporate structuring (selection of appropriate corporate type and structure) and implementation;
    • Initial set-up – basic contacts such as lease agreements, GDPR compliance, contracts with key suppliers etc.
    • Employment issues such as employment agreements with key personnel (including stock options agreements etc), agreements with ordinary personnel, NDAs and non-complete agreements.
    • Securing of trademarks and technology
    • Applying for grants and subsidies.
    • Shareholders agreements.
    • Financing via credit institutions, crown-funding or specialized investment funds.
    • NDAs
    • Tax optimization
    • Negotiations with other stakeholders
    • Liaising with governmental and administrative authorities
    • Permitting
    • Investment protection through BITs and other instruments
    • Contracts with subcontractors
    • Strategic collaborations with other key players and introduction of strategic investors.