Data Protection

The protection of personal data is a matter which has already been vastly considered as crucial for the past 3 decades. However, following the most recent IT revolution and the proliferation of extensive data processing practices, the need for further – and stricter – regulation was born. The General Data Protection Regulation has now made the proper processing of personal data a central workflow for every business unit or business transaction.

Koutalidis Law Firm’s team of expert lawyers has been dealing  with Data Protection issues for the past 20 years and have amassed an extensive knowledge on multiple sectors. Our clients include credit institutions that require GDPR assistance in complex transactions, such as the transferring of NPLs from banks, buyers or sellers in M&A transactions, companies who wish to have their personal data policies, governance, practices and documentation prepared in compliance with GDPR and national legislation etc.


Our expert team provides top quality services in the broad spectrum of Data Protection matters.

M&As and due diligence
Reviewing the level of GDPR compliance of the target entity, introducing appropriate safeguards so that the exchange of information between the buyer and the seller take place in compliance with the GDPR.

Overall assistance to achieve GDPR compliance
We assist companies to increase their GDPR compliance level, in collaboration with external partners. More specifically, we assist in data maping and gaps analysis, preparation of all relevant documentation and assessment of the steps remaining.

Employment law issues
Advising on any Data Protection Employment Law issues (e.g. whether and to what extent cameras are permitted, conditions for viewing the emails of the employee etc). Preparing data processing notifications for employees.

GDPR advice on complex issues
Advising on complex or novel GDPR issues and proposing realistic and business oriented solutions.

Transferring of NPLs
Advising on all personal Data Protection aspects, regarding transactions involving the transfer of NPLs to specialty companies. Our assistance also extends to the due diligence that will have to be conducted beforehand (and to what extent the debtor’s data can be shared with the interested investors)

Undertaking (internal) investigations even on client-group level in collaboration with our international law firm partners.

Personal data and redaction of documents – exporting outside of the EU
Facilitating the collection and export of personal data in compliance with the applicable Data Protection rules (including exporting to the USA)- this includes performing document redaction exercises where this is appropriate. Also, setting-up in advance data privacy processes (e.g. proper notifications to employees or other parties) that will facilitate a potential future internal investigation.

Risk assessments
Conducting risk assessments (including reputational and regulatory risks) either on specific issues (e.g. specific transactions) or on a wider level (e.g. assessment of policies and of overall compliance regime).

Advising on compliance issues and assisting in preparing and implementing a new or an updated compliance plan.

Dawn raids
Assisting in regard with dawn raids by the Greek Data Protection Authority. Our team is available on call at any time should the need occur.

Representation of clients in investigations
Representing our clients in antiGDPR related investigations in Greece.

Disputing of sanctions
Challenging any imposed fines or other penalties before the competent authorities and the Greek administrative courts.

Defending of claims by data subjects
Data subjects may file suits for claims under various grounds, such as illegal processing of data. We can undertake the handling of such cases and use our expertise on compliance issues, in order to minimize the potential exposure.

Representation of data subjects
We may represent data subjects parties affected by inappropriate behaviours of a data controller or data processor.

Communication plans
Assisting clients in developing effective (and legally compliant) communications plans mitigating reputational risks.