Investment in Greece (Structuring, Protection, Grants, Permits & Operation)

After a rather turbulent era of economic reforms and uncertainty, the Greek market is steadily becoming a major investment hub across multiple sectors for Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. In addition to offering a wide range of investment opportunities in a number of economic sectors for prospective investors, Greece provides a series of robust protections found mostly in its nvestment and tax legislation in addition to those offered at an EU Law level. Moreover, Greece has in place a large number of bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and double taxation treaties with a number of states.

With a dedicated cross-practice team, Koutalidis Law Firm is one of the few Greek law firms that have the capacity to offer full-service solutions to clients interested in investing in Greece, while having their investment protected to the greatest extent. Our team helps prospective investors in all stages of an investment from nascent investment planning, market-entry, project structuring and implementation to dispute resolution.

Investment in Greece Services

Our team provides an exhaustive set of services to our clients aiming to invest in Greece, in order to acquire the required knowledge and enable a smooth end to end implementation.

General information about the Greek environment
Providing general information about key aspects of the Greek legal environment – e.g. rules regarding employment, corporations, tax matters, premises leases and acquisitions, data privacy etc.

Entry in Greece
Advising on – often, sector-specific – regulatory requirements for foreign entities to enter the Greek market.

Investment protection
Advising on issues related to corporate (re)structuring(s) in order to ascertain optimal investment treaty protection (primarily through bilateral invest treaties, but also through other means) for the project(s).

Fast track licensing
Undertaking the fast track licensing procedure.

Assisting with the securing of any subsidies that are applicable to our clients’ investment.

Invest in Greece (Enterprise Greece)
Liaising with Invest in Greece Enterprise for any issues that may arise.

Updating of clients regarding developments
Advising on the implications and effect of national and EU legislation and proactively updating clients on any new developments.

Applying to and liaising with a number of Greek and EU regulatory authorities, in order to acquire the necessary licenses for project implementation (e.g. fast-track licenses, grants, permits, etc.). Where necessary, this is done in collaboration with the relevant specialized department (e.g. Energy, Banking & Finance etc) of our Firm.

One-stop-shop service

In co-operation with other departments of our Firm, we offer a one-stop-shop service that covers all aspects of our clients’ investment.

  • Tax planning
    Advising on (international) tax-related issues to corporate (re)structuring(s).
  • Employment and immigration
    Assisting with the hiring of foreign employees in Greece and – in general – with all forms of employment issues.
  • SPV set-up and maintenance
    Setting up the appropriate special purpose vehicles and joint ventures to accommodate new projects and advising on their day-to-day operation.
  • Project agreements
    Negotiating project agreements and sub-contracts.
  • Competition Law
    Assisting as regards any competition law related issues such as control of concentrations, state aid etc. 
  • Financing
    Development of effective financing and security packages
  • Dispute prevention
    Full-scale dispute prevention / avoidance through the adoption of the appropriate dispute resolution mechanism before project implementation
  • Dispute resolution
    Dispute resolution before the competent administrative authorities, the civil and administrative courts, international arbitration or mediation
  • Legal due diligence
    Conducting legal due diligence regarding the acquisition of potential projects.