We are an awarded top tier law firm based in Athens, Greece. With a legacy originating back to 1930, we take pride in our local and international clientele, which includes leading Greek and international corporations, major investment and commercial banks and financiaI institutions.

We have evolved our founder’s famed business-centric and action-driven approach into a solid business philosophy that has been delivering tangible results for decades. One that serves as a northern star leading to our firm’s consistent and dynamic growing course, breaking international boundaries again and again.

As of 2001, we operate as a Lawyers’ Partnership (under Greek Lawyer’s Code). Throughout our history, we have acted as the legal architects of landmark business deals, groundbreaking transactions and litigations across industries. Namely, leading and Greek and foreign corporations, major investment and commercial banks and financial institutions, as well as Greek M&A, Capital markets (ECM and DCM), Privatizations, Corporate, Retail, Energy, Aviation, Competition, Data protection, Tax, Banking & Finance and Employment sectors.


With a broad range of legal expertise and services, we have established ourselves as one of the most prestigious top tier law firms in Greece and as a leading legal force in the international field, with the majority of our clientele being foreign multinational companies and with an extensive partnership with major foreign law firms.

Growth is at the heart of our philosophy. For our clients and our people. We are proud to have evolved into a team of more than 60 legal experts uniquely combining education, experience and self-drive. As we continue our professional journey, we remain true to our values to fulfill our professional vision. At the same time, we happily accept the acknowledgement of our performance by being listed as a top tier firm in a number of law areas from esteemed organisations and chambers, such as:


We believe that building a solid business needs solid foundations. We have built a strategy that combines our firm’s legacy, our innovative thinking and our uncompromising focus on our clients’ needs.


We aspire to keep coming in mind as the preferred partner of people and businesses aiming to achieve meaningful growth


Uncompromisingly deploy our in-depth knowledge and business thinking to provide to our clients tangible ways to overcome challenges and reach desired outcomes.

Tryfon Koutalidis

Founder – An inspiring visionary of the legal industry

Tryfon Koutalidis is forever remembered as the low-key, ingenious legal advisor and trusted friend of legendary political and business personalities: Onassis, Karamanlis, Lambrakis to name a few. Through his innovative thinking, he broke the mold of the Greek legal practices, introducing, some 50 years ago, the concept of the “per hour quote” and that of the “law firm”.

When considering recruitment, the process was completely deprived of nepotism or connections and was entirely dependent on skills. Never one to shy away from meticulous work, successful, yet away from the spotlight, honest and virtuous, demanding yet generous with his team of aspiring professionals, Tryfon achieved more than winning cases: he was respected by his opponents.
His captivating spirit was creatively untamed, leading him to write “The Lawyer”- a book attracting reader’s interest and recognition even outside the legal industry.