Regulatory & Compliance

Corporates doing business across the globe have long recognized the need for regulatory and compliance risk management, mainly due to the proliferation and evolution of regulatory frameworks across the globe, as sovereigns, international organizations and independent regulators continue to show an ever-increasing appetite for more regulation across virtually every industry sector, coupled with increased levels of sophistication on their part.

Acknowledging this reality, Koutalidis’s dedicated team of expert lawyers provides effective and creative advice to clients on all regulatory and compliance matters. This includes providing clients with a clear overview of the regulatory framework that applies to their business or transaction in question, offering commercially focused regulatory and compliance risk management solutions, designing appropriate compliance schemes and mechanisms, as well as representing clients in external investigations and audits for alleged compliance breaches.

Aside from being well-versed and specialized, the team also boasts excellent working relationships with domestic regulators, which builds to its capacity to offer pragmatic business solutions, often in cooperation with our other practices, either when the client is involved in a specific regulated industry (e.g. energy, banking) or when the transaction in question so requires (e.g. in cases of antitrust, data protection or anti-corruption matters).


Our team consistently works together to provide our clients with high quality services for Regulatory & Compliance matters, including:

Business structuring compliance
When a new business is set up, compliance considerations have to be taken into account. We can assist you in setting up your business in such a way, so that it deals with its regulatory and compliance requirements with efficiency, certainty and minimum business overheads

Transactional due diligence
Numerous transactions require the observance of various regulatory & compliance requirements. Our team will identify these requirements and, with the assistance of the relevant specialized departments, will proceed to the necessary steps, so as to complete the transaction on a cost- and time-efficient basis.

Daily business compliance
You can either outsource the regulatory compliance to us or engage us on a need basis for specific, tough to solve, regulatory issues. Our team will respond quickly with business-oriented solutions.

Compliance evaluation and restructuring
We can assist you in assessing the current status of the compliance of your business and propose to you the measures that have to be taken into account. This is particularly important for risk reduction (in case of suspected suboptimal compliance level), adaptation to new requirements and preparation for business-related deals (e.g. potential acquisition of the business).

Due diligence report
We can prepare due diligence reports as regards regulatory compliance, both for the use of the business, as well as for the usage within the context of a transaction (vendor’s DDR). Moreover, we can act on the buying or lending side as regards such issues.

Dawn raids
We can assist in dawn raids by regulatory authorities; we can be available on call at any time, should the need occur.

Representation of clients in investigations
Representing our clients in anti-corruption, antitrust or data protection investigations and enforcement proceedings in Greece or abroad, often in collaboration with our international law firm partners.

Disputing of sanctions
Challenging any imposed fines or other penalties before the imposing administrative or regulatory authority and the Greek civil or administrative Courts.

Communication plans
Assisting clients in developing effective (and legally compliant) communications plans, mitigating reputational risks.

Representation of affected parties
We may represent third parties (e.g. competitors, whistle-blowers) affected by inappropriate behaviours of a market player.