News September 29 , 2021

KLF advised Alpha Bank S.A. and Eurobank S.A. on a €300M bond loan by PPC S.A.

Koutalidis Law Firm advised Alpha Bank S.A. and Eurobank S.A. on the issuance of the up to €300 million syndicated common bond loan by Public Power Corporation S.A., in the form of a revolving credit facility, for the financing of its general business needs.  The term of the bond loan will be three years, with an extension option for another two years.

Alpha Bank acted as Underwriter, Initial Mandated Lead Arranger, Bondholder Agent, Paying Agent, and Initial Bondholder and Eurobank as Mandated Lead Arranger and Initial Bondholder. The bond loan includes sustainability linked KPI relating with the reduction of CO2 emissions by 40% by December 2022 (vs. 2019) and as announced by PPC, “this further underscores PPC’s strategic commitment to integrating environmental goals, in terms of mitigating impacts from climate change, into its financing policy”.