Koutalidis Law Firm advised Waterwheel Capital Management

Koutalidis Law Firm is proud to advise Waterwheel Capital Management in relation to Project Solar.

Waterwheel has concluded a binding agreement with Alpha Bank, Eurobank, National Bank of Greece, and Piraeus Bank for the acquisition of 95% of the Class B and Class C notes to be issued in the context of the securitisation of the Solar Portfolio, consisting of common, predominantly non-performing exposures of corporate and SME loans with an on-balance sheet value of c.€1.2 billion.

The securitization, involving four originating banks and first of its kind in Greece, will be subjected to the Hellenic Asset Protection Scheme, with the Class A Notes benefiting from the Hellenic Republic’s guarantee.

Our team, led by our Partner Effie Papoutsi, has been supporting Waterwheel in all aspects of the bidding process and the negotiation of the transaction documents.