News July 18 , 2022

Exclusive contributor for the Chambers “Digital Healthcare 2022” guide

Koutalidis Law Firm is the exclusive contributor for the Chambers “Digital Healthcare 2022” guide for Greece.

In this guide, you will discover that in the near future, “digital healthcare” shall become just “healthcare” as data and digital healthcare technologies and practices are integrated into most fields of patient care and medical research.

Data, AI and the internet of medical things (IoMT) are critical to the power and efficacy of digital healthcare and the accelerated progress in those areas require a strong innovation grasp in structuring and drafting healthcare technology and data agreements.

Special thanks to the contributors Nikitas Fortsakis, Evans Courakis, Konstantinos Kritsotakis, and Dimitrios Andriopoulos.

To read more in this insightful guide, please visit this link on Chambers or download the pdf guide here.